5 comments on “The Side Project Alpha Release Announcement

  1. Let me know. Esp about graphics and design and moderator duties.

  2. What a great idea (create virtual images of Oracle installs).

    I just finished installing Oracle on “Unbreakable Linux” and ran into all kinds of issues. I would have loved to simply grab a Virtual Machine and start it running… Perhaps just adding a disk or two for more tablespaces.

    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out?


  3. hi,
    i’m looking for Oracle software that is on a prebuilt VMWare virtual machine.
    It sounds in that article that there is somewhere a side project, but unfortunately i can’t find it.

    Can you give me a hint where to find an oracle VM or the mentioned side project?


  4. Did you ever complete this, or did Oracle shut you down? I’m about to go threw building one on CentOS 5.1 for our development testing. I’d love to have one to download to save the initial tweeking and installing.

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