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  1. Matt,

    Would be happy to help, I have set up a number of different variations, mainly based on CentOS4 and various version of the DB, AS and developer tools, most of them on the Mac-based VM Fusion, however they seem to port OK to VM Server running on a CentOS4 host,


  2. Jon, that would be great. I’m currently working on getting the S3 stuff figured out. It’s great because it provides it’s own torrent tracker. However, at the same time I was hoping to use my own so I could control what people are just taking from the site and those that are contributing. I’ve got some extra work to do around there. As soon as I have that worked out I’ll give you a heads up.

    I owe you guys a beer when you come in for the BIWA summit.


  3. Hi Jon, and Matt,

    I have never installed Oracle before, and I have a task to upgrade from RHEL3U6 to RHEL4U4, and was looking for tutorials and best practices when i first came across these appliances. could you please let me know where i can check such installations, I would like to use them as a reference, and probably as a playground too 🙂

    Our setup uses Oracle RAC 10g, with data managed using ASM in raw devices. but the problem is that our DBA does not have root anymore, and they do not want to take this major task 🙁



  4. Matt,
    I’d be glad to help you with the VMWare project. I’ve done several installs on Oracle’s Linux version. Just let me know what mix of applications you would like to see. I also have experience setting up Oracle Applications (I am an Apps DBA), so if you would like to create an Oracle “Vision” demo appliance I’d be glad to look into it. Not sure about the licensing or size, but I think it would be doable.


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