3 comments on “Where have all the developers gone?

  1. I should resist, but I won’t, so paraphrased from the original movie:

    Sleep all day.
    Code all night.
    Never grow old.
    Never die… or finish the project.
    It’s fun to be a developer.

  2. Stellent’s primary community site is here:


    Both current and former developers troll those waters… I also post a few things on my blog:


    I thought that the Yahoo listserv might one day get gobbled up by OTN… but considering how difficult it is to use OTN’s forum software — not to mention manage the email — I doubt many people would migrate over.

    Seriously… it would be ONE WEEK’S WORK to make OTN usable… but will they do it? Nah.

  3. Heh, Bex you rule. Seriously we are going to have to catch up at Oracle World. I’d like to see Oracle turn on some features on the Jive forums or at least upgrade to the latest version, but as expected its a huge undertaking.

    I’ll have some new avenues on my new Oracle VMs site soon so hopefully some people can come out through there.

    BTW- BarCampDC was great, I’m hoping to get something similar together for OracleWorld or Collaborate next year.

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