11 comments on “Announcing Ora-Click.com – The Digg Site for Oracle Stuff

  1. Matt, I notice neither of the buttons for Ora-Click are showing correctly on this blog post. I’ve checked it out in both Firefox and IE. Is this a problem at my end or an issue at yours?



  2. Chris, one of the problems with the URL method is that it picks up the URL of the page you are viewing. If you go to https://matttopper.com right now my front page has this post on the top, the actual URL I “clicked” is https://matttopper.com/?p=66 which shows the proper 2 votes. Dan Norris had “clicked” my main site with the basic name so thats why it only shows one vote there. Its kinda confusing, I agree. Over the next week or two I’m going to work on a wordpress plug-in so that it uses the actual URL of the blog post for the images instead of the current page.

    I assume this is what you were talking about, if you’re unable to see the actual images let me know, thats an entirely different issue that I haven’t seen.

    Thank you for the feedback,

  3. I think it’s that later case, I’m just seeing the wrong images for the button.

    I’ve included a screenshot here of your webpage: http://members.iinet.net.au/~chriscmuir/image.gif

    You’ll note the small button image just isn’t showing, and the large button image appears to be part of the Ora-Click website’s top banner, but not the logo.

    BTW, couple other things:

    1) It would be good to include step-by-step instructions on how to install the buttons for both WordPress and Blogger on the site somewhere. This will increase the adoption rate.

    2) On registering on Ora-Click, can you include a privacy statement stating what your policy is on the registered email address usage, namely whether you will keep them private, or reserve the right to on distribute the addresses. I was somewhat hesitant in signing up because this wasn’t stated.



  4. Nice work dude.
    Can you set the home to upcoming, a la Digg? Right now, it shows popular, but only 2 stories appear.

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  6. Chris, can you give me your browser type and versions. Its working on my XPSP2 machine in firefox and IE, but it might be another combo. The HTML is just an iframe with some javascript in it that I should be able to tweak.

  7. Jake, I agree, we should probably change it to be upcoming until people start “Clicking” more. There isn’t a default setting in Pligg to do that so I’ll work on coding that after some of these family things calm down.

  8. Klaas, I agree that by aggregating OraNA.info into the site it’s kinda spam like, however, over a couple tweets with Jake / Eddie we felt this was the best way to get things rolling and content added to the site quickly. As soon as more people start “Clicking” their own stories and adding buttons to their personal blogs I’m fully planning to drop of the feeds. I don’t read dutch, but thats the gist of the message I got through babelfish.

  9. Hi Matt

    Regards browser type and versions, I’m currently using:

    Firefox 3 Beta 2 (3.0b2)
    Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13

    The issue occurs on both. For the record I’m also running XPSP3.

    As follow up if you’d like to email me instead.



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