3 comments on “Analysis of Geocoder.us vs Free Navteq Data for San Francisco Starbucks

  1. Matt,
    This is GREAT stuff! Thanks. More please.

    You may have saved my company (Pacific Gas & Electric) over $20,000 (we were considering purchasing Navteq…).

    >run some analysis against their service to see what comes out…anyone interested?

    -John Donaldson

  2. Dear Matt

    This is really intresting, I have to do somthing similar except that its on Coffee Bean, so I’m gonna use this data as a example and pass my maths project 😉

    thanks! 😛

    peace out

  3. Geocoder.us says “… the free service is actively throttled, and so the commercial service will be faster. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Service for more information.”

    This may explain the latency.

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