4 comments on “Comparison of the Oracle Spatial and Locator Features

  1. Nice work Matt! A couple more to add to the Spatial list: Linear Referencing (LRS) and Topology Data Model.

    Linear Referencing is a model where “measurement” information associated with a linear geometry is stored with the geometries themselves. This allows many attributes or events to be associated with a specified segment on a linear geometry. Attributes or events are stored in tables separately from the geometry, and the geometry does not have to be duplicated in the attribute tables. Linear referencing is often used by departments of transportation, to model roads or railroads and their attributes; utilities, to model oil or gas pipes and their attributes; and telecommunications providers. A good example of this might be, “return all of the road segments that have poor pavement” or “a vehicle has gone off the highway at some longitude/latitude; what’s the mile post there so ambulances can reach it easily?” etc.

    Topology Data Modeling is used when there is a high degree of feature editing and a strong requirement for data integrity across maps and map layers. An example of where this is used a lot is in land management where one has to account for land parcels, water features, road features, utilities and other features. Because in the end all of these features are somehow related and may even border one another, problems topology modeling solves are things like “what happens to a land parcel or sidewalk when a road is widened?” etc.

  2. Also…one more thing Matt: in Oracle10gR2, Locator supports implicit and explicit coordinate system transformation (just like Spatial).

  3. Thanks Justin, I also need to add the Oracle Mapviewer and Oracle Maps content to the list too. Maybe another post soon…

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