2 comments on “Oracle Adaptive Access Manager : Day 1 : The Database Config and Install

  1. Hi Matt, I am trying to install/setup OAAM . 1. The database setup for ARM is complete without any error and i have verified the VR_POLICY_SET table is created. 2. The deployment of ARM war also succeed without any error and i made necessary changes on session.xml and bharosa_server.propertes as mentioned in the guide. 3. The application server instance hosting the ARM war fails to load the application and the global-application.log shows the below trace :.. 08/05/12 10:24:48 dms: Software caused connection abort: socket write error 4. When I try to access the application using http://locahost/oaam i get the OAAM page with Welcome , Please wait loading and gets stuck there..The access log shows Http 304 response.. If u have any clue please suggest..Thanks Vivek Kumar

  2. Hi Vivek

    Try using Oracle weblogic as your app server, but use v10.3. Dont the latest version for now because it wont work out of the box.


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