22 comments on “Installing Firefox 4 Beta on OSX

  1. Thanks man! You def saved me a ton of time and frustration!!!

  2. Sounds like my problem but I’m not particularly skilled on the mac side. What do I launch to use the sudo… command with?

  3. THANK YOU. I have been searching all over the place and everything points me to the Silicone Chaos article which did not help. You saved me a lot of frustration!

  4. Thanks! It help me too. All the search hits gave ‘sudo killall vpnagentd’. But, the daemon restarted as you said. Saved me 10. Same message, too.

  5. Oh, hell… You get a BIG THANKS. Had the exact error. Found others with incomplete solutions — you NAILED IT!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi,

    Having a bit of a problem. Followed your advice (thanks!) and got Firefox installed fine, but now after reloading the cisco launch daemon, I can no longer connect to our work VPN.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the anyconnect client with no luck. Any suggestions?

  7. Thank you for the solution. Worked like a charm. Question so I can learn more: how did you find out which process/service was using that library?

  8. Man thanks!!!! i was going nuts, gave up on updating firefox for a few days, was trying to figure out what was causing the file to remain open

  9. Wow. It really helped me a ton of minutes, leave alone the frustration and agony.

  10. Thanks much. I was upgrading to Firefox 10 and ran into the same issue but with another dynamic library. A quick “lsof /Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/libnspr4.dylib” revealed vpnagentd as the culprit, and a quick googling revealed your posting as the quick and easy cure.

    Keep on posting!

  11. Wow. Wasted at least an hour trying to figure out what was wrong, found a link to this post, 5 minutes later, Firefox is installed and running and I can still connect through my vpn. THANK YOU!

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